Monday, February 18, 2013

Big and Little

While I place the finishing touches on the next installment of the Underwood restoration, I wanted to share two photos. These machines are contemporaneous to each other and share many stylistic choices. I like both of them for their sober gravitas.

This weekend has been very difficult. The final deadlines for yearbook came around the mountain and I had to spend a few longer nights going over pages. My yearbook kids are nice, but they can sometimes miss the small details. That means that I get the singular pleasure of going over every page to make sure that there is nothing amiss. The up-shot is that my brain is tired right now.


  1. I've never seen the two machines compared like this before. Very interesting.

  2. Makes you wonder why they couldn't even TRY to make the color attractive. I love both of those machines, though.

    1. I know. The 50s were boring. I guess that's why they invented the 1960s.

  3. Those two are definitely from the same styling shop. I rec ently was noticing the same thing about the Olympia SG1 and SM3/4.

  4. I have the Olivetti equivalents:
    Lexikon 80 + Studio 44 or Lexikon 80 + Lettera 22