Saturday, December 15, 2012

Brother Valiant

I put in a low bid thinking that if I did win this typewriter and it turned out to be trash, at least I would have some parts for other Brothers and I would be helping out a good cause.

I was shocked when I won with my $9 bid. I was even more shocked when it was delivered.

The paper support arm is fantastic!

There is nothing to dislike about this Brother.

It's in fantastic shape.

And it even has an instruction booklet with a very interesting cover.

So easy to use that there is only one instruction!

The previous owner must have gone to Hobart because...well...

It types beautifully. So, for a lark it turned out very well. I needn;t go into great length about Brother, because our faithful typewriter reporter, Robert Messenger, has gone in-depth just for you. Click on the Brother.


  1. Very handsome little Love Typewriter ... reminds me of some cars of the era.

    So that's a plastic paper support? Never seen one like that.

    1. It looks plastic in the photo, but is really a piece of bent wire. It's not the most clever way to integrate a paper support, but it does work.

  2. You know, I don't have a lot of lover for the Brother machines. But this one has some real charm. I'd gladly welcomes such a machine into my home.

  3. That's very kind, Ryan, a nice way to link. Richard, that same paper support was in the original design for this machine, in 1960 or 61 I think. I actually saw one of these come recently and meant to bid on it, but forgot. I'll continue to keep an eye out now that I've read this.

  4. Ahh, Brothers. The Datsun B210's of typewriters! :D

  5. The face of this machine looks nice.

  6. Could you post scans of the instruction manual?