Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Handy Little Thing

The carriage for my HH was feeling a little sluggish so I called Bill at MTE to see if he could help me do some on-the-fly diagnosis. The problem is that the carriage grabs and feels heavy in the same place. Letters pile up and some spacing between letters can be dodgy.

I was able to walk through a few diagnistic things when Bill said, "You can take the tension by removing the drawband."

That was a good idea, but I only had two hands to do this and there is a good chance I would have lost control of the the drawband causing damage to my fingers and havoc to my typewriter.

Royal's engineers thought of that and provided a handy screw for temorarily affixing the drawband to the body.

I could see that this feature might also be helpful if you were trying to fit a new drawband.

My KMG, FP, and HH all have this little knobly screw. I would have to check the other Royal desktops when I get home, but this was new to me and I could see it being a handy little thing.


  1. Another example of the thoughtfulness behind typewriter designs.

  2. That is a great detail. I've owned cars with spark plugs buried by the fire wall or fender wells and rendered impossible to change. I'm glad that good industrial design prevailed on your Royals.

  3. I learned something new. I wonder why all manufacturers did not do that. It would be nice if it were done to the portables, but then it is probably much more difficult to remove the housing from a desk top typewriter.

  4. Yes! I've found these little screws to be helpful on several machines, although not every typewriter has one.

  5. This is hilarious! When I was cleaning my KHM last month and taking the panels off, it drove me crazy that this screw wouldn't sit flush. I was thinking that sometime in its history someone had lost the screw and made a substitution.

    Had I been a little more perceptive, this screw could have helped me a great deal when I was tightening the tension of my mainspring.

    Thanks for the tip!

  6. Check this morning, and it's on the KMG as well. When you have a good idea, it's worth keeping around.