Thursday, September 13, 2012

Typing Pictures

During journals the other day, I grabbed a few pictures of busy typing hands.


  1. What a fun idea! Using typewriters is a great way to keep teenagers engaged. It's just such a tactile process: it sucks you in. I wish I could have done this in high school!

    Also, great pictures :)

  2. Nice -- they all look like they're concentrating.

  3. These photos are great LOL.

    That was a joke, I saw your comment on Richard's blog about LOL making its way into student's essays which is also depressing to me. These photos are awesome though; I think it's great that you are giving these students a chance to use typewriters in class, and such beautiful machines at that! You might be creating a whole new set of typospherians.

  4. That young woman with the SM 3 is going to be rather disappointed if she has to switch machines!
    All joking aside, this is really neat. You are doing a great thing and, as Mark pointed out, you may very well be training the next generation!

  5. Wonderful. Good to see your students so involved in typing. Little may they know how much it will help them even with keyboarding. (or perhaps they do know)

  6. It really warms my heart to see these kids busy at their typewriters!

    It gives me hope for the future of our beloved machines.