Sunday, May 8, 2011

Phoenix's Typewriter Repairman Video

Bill Wahl, a local typewriter celebrity, was featured on a segment on Arizona Highways TV this Sunday evening. Take a look at the video embedded below.


  1. Very nice show, nicely photographed and not too condescending. I like the point that typewriters don't ask you to log in!

  2. I thought it was shot well, too. There were some really interesting agle shots that made me look at the machine in a new way. My wife and I watch this show every week. I love local programming!

  3. I love this...but I have to wonder if that woman has really forgotten how where the home keys are. I mean how is that possible?!?! I could be wrong but isn't that pretty much innate? F and J are pretty standard homes...unless, of course, you're using a Dvorak! ;u)

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