Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Free Selectric Ribbons

UPDATE: This offer is ultra-old.

The school librarian was cleaning out some cabinets and found these NIB selectric ribbons. There are three boxes. Let know if you want one for your Selectric (tryanpa@cox.net). I thought they might have been 0.5", but they are 0.65" so I cannot use them in another machine.

CAUTION: These are the high-yeild ribbons. They are the large cartridges, not the smaller ones.


  1. would they work in a Selectric III? I ask because I have a buddy to whom I gave a Selectric III, and I happen to have some type balls for him that I found thriftin'. He'd likely appreciate spare ribbons as well (:

  2. Well, Ryan, I want one. You're on the way to becoming a regular supplier to me. :-)