Sunday, February 27, 2011

Making History

Did you know that March 5th will mark the single largest gathering of typewriter enthusiasts in the storied 99-year history of Arizona?  It's true. Come and be a part of history. Bring a typewriter. Bring a story.


  1. Well, yeee-ha!

    Have fun, man. I'm still reeling from the NW Type-In a few weeks ago. I think you will have a blast.

  2. Raaaats, did you know I was actually going to attend this, long story, but my family had planned a vacation to Phoenix that week that is now not happening. I really hope you all have fun!

  3. Heh, I set up a glass display case with 9 of my machines in the reception area where I work:

    Typewriters Under Glass

    I put up a flyer for the Type-in on the front. I'll be curious to see if anyone is intrigued by the display enough to show up. :D