Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekly Typewriter Inventory Analysis

I have broken the results from the inventory into more specific categories. I haven't posted the inventory questions. Here they are:
  1. I feel that during the past week my spelling has improved.
  2. I enjoy using the typewriter
  3. I feel that my writing is improving.
  4. I am a poor speller.
  5. The computer is better to write on.
  6. I feel that my writing has more meaning.
  7. I would use a typewriter on school assignments.
To see the distribution look at this chart:
Apart from being slightly blurry (I don't know why) you can see some interesting trends. There is a general like of using the typewriter in class. As well as a general feeling that the use of the typewriter imparts a greater sense of importance to the student's writing.

There is an interesting tidbit: there is no clear benefit, as seen by the students in the project, in a typewriter over a computer when used for composition. This is a direct refutation of the assumption that all progress is good progress. Hmmmm.