Monday, May 7, 2012

Beneficient Bill


  1. Well, my "broken-or-do-not-like"-shelf is about the same size. It includes a Baby, 2000, SF, Erika, Finger-Flite.
    But two Noiselesses broken?

  2. Just realised I forgot the worst of these: My Patria with broken drawband.

  3. The ones on the shelf are getting a back ache. I hope your repairs are successful. I understand constraints on repairs, I am about 6 months behind on my repairs. Thanks for the mention, it is humbling.

  4. I have a busted up Noiseless that I am about to try and make some repairs on. I see you have two there that have come acropper. What's happened with them, may I ask?

    I just saw a potential donor machine listed here on ebay. It's a rusted unworking hulk, but has a fair bit of parts I may need, so I'm thinking of putting my hand up.


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