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A Salvo Into the Fortress of Hipsterdom

UPDATE: As you can see I have completely sold out of typewriters. The experiment proves that, with a reasonable price, a nice typewriter sells itself on Etsy. I have a few more that I plan on offering, but I want to get these other ones sipped out before I do. It's been a crazy few days. My prices were a little on the high side and they still sold. However, my prices are more than 1/2 of the nearest competitor. Now I have more than enough money for Typegrant ribbons.

Maybe it's my imagination, but Etsy has been largely ignored by the Typosphere. The boutique prices  seem to be the major detraction. However, I think that an over-priced market is a great place to introduce a lower-priced alternative. That's why I went ahead and set up an Etsy Shoppe (old-timey spelling intentional). I've priced the three typewriters lower than any comparable typewriter on the site. That still makes them much more expensive that I would have normally spent in thrift stores and the like. We'll see if anyone in interested in buying a $65 Hermes 3000 when there are identical $135 machines on the site. At the very least, I imagine that some of the shops will consider lowering their prices a bit.

Magic Margin: ruining boutique pricing since December 10th.

Here's the link to my shop:


  1. What a daring move, Ryan! I'm pretty sure you'll be sold out of these in a matter of days - they are all priced fantastically compared to current trends on Etsy. I'm not sure why the site isn't discussed more in the typosphere - perhaps because if you're going to need the typewriter shipped anyway, eBay has better bargains.

    I myself have sold a couple of typewriters there and found the experience pleasant, although I try not to make a habit of it because the hassle of international shipping is rather tiring.

  2. Happy to see someone on Etsy with good pricing. I have purchased supplies and machines on Etsy. I find I can generally trust the machines on Etsy better than Ebay, but I choose by price with any on line sale since the shipping generally is the killer.

  3. HOORAY!!!

    This is great. Thank you.

  4. I bought my black Torpedo portable on Etsy. Not cheap, but not outrageous considering how good they are and how difficult they are to find in this color. Hope you make some sales AND drive down the competition's prices!

  5. PS: Holy moley, I see the Olivetti/Underwood got snapped up right away!

  6. Yikes! I never realized how overpriced the typewriters on Etsy were. $237 for a Tippa? They're trippin'. Give 'em a wake up call, sir.

  7. How are you calculating shipping charge? That's where I'm stuck on my store.
    also I suspect I should be relieved that I missed out on the ones that have already sold...

  8. @ notagain: I decided to charge a flat $25 based on parcel post to WA. If it's more, I 'll just eat the cost from my profit. I am insuring them. The key, I guess, is to only sell lighter and smaller typewriters. For the next round I might go ahead and increase the shipping a little.

  9. Wowser, sold all three he had in there. Time to re-stock the store! :D


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