Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Things are Happening!


  1. What a truly excellent typeface -- but more importantly, your good news! I look forward to knowing more about it.

  2. Hey, you found an almost exact match to my Iron Lady that I picked up last week, typeface & all (except paint color)! Where'd you find it?

    I have to say, the decision about the bounty from Eric Lawson is really a moot point, isn't it? You're going to adopt them (you know it in your heart of hearts), and it comes down to deciding what to do with them, no?

    1) "Adopt a Typer" for your students. set up a typing contest for them and the winners get to pick from a corral of type-ready machines - to take home and keep! :D

    2) save a couple for prizes at the next Phoenix Type-In!

    3) broken ones can be donated to Bill over at MTE. Parts is parts!

    4) convince another teacher in a neighboring school to start up a branch of the CTP, complete with a ready pool of machines and a curriculum.

    5) start an Etsy store and sell overflow to fund CTP projects and/or Type-Ins, or to keep the rest of the herd in ribbons. (:

  3. Not that you asked or anything, but I like Ted's virally-themed suggestion number 4 best. You have been documenting the 'model' for using them in class, so there's a (excuse the metaphor) plug-and-play attractiveness to broadening the reach of your CTP.

  4. Mike here in Philadelphia....
    if 5 or so of them are all the same, sell to us for a nominal fee and we pay all shipping to use at a program called "Mighty Writers" which teaches inner city (yes, mostly minority/poor boys) to write, using comic books, rap, editorials, letters, whatever works.

    No, Mighty Writers hasn't agreed to it yet -- that would be my job!

  5. That typeface is flippin' gorgeous.