Saturday, May 21, 2011

New (to me) Royal Portable

Actually, it looks as if it new. Beautiful paint and bright nickel accents makes this machine look very fancy. It's in absolutely pristine condition. This machine came with another Royal portable that I will post later. It also is in great shape.

What's amazing is that there is very little yellowing of the keys. As you can see above, they have stayed uniformly white. Wonderful machine. I think I'll expand this post a little later, but in the meantime I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


  1. One fine machine. Definitely on my wish list.

    Just stumbled upon your blog.
    I like. Will follow.

  2. Very pretty! is that the one that MTE was holding onto for ya?

  3. No, both of these found their way to me. The other one is much like the one Bill has at MTE.

  4. That's very nice! A showpiece for sure.